Each character has six different types of attributes. These six attributes are strength, aptitude, constitution, luck, weapon skill, and defensive skill. Attributes can be leveled up by spending silver and can also be boosted by equipment.

Strength Edit

Strength affects the amount of damage you do. The higher your strength is, the more damage you can deal to an opponent.

Aptitude Edit

Aptitude affects your evasion. The higher your aptitude, the more damage you can dodge.

Constitution Edit

Constitution affects your Hit Points and regeneration. The higher your constitution, the higher your hitpoints and your hitpoints regenerate more quickly. HP regenerates as fast as the level of your constitution per hour.

Luck Edit

Luck influences your critical damage chance, as well as the amount of silver you loot from battles. As your luck is leveled up, the chance you deal critical hits is higher and the more silver you loot.

Weapon Skill Edit

Weapon Skill determines your hit chance, The higher your weapon skill, the less you miss your hits.

Defensive Skill Edit

Defensive skill determines your block chance. The higher your defensive skill, the more hits you block.

Apart from these, there is also speed and elemental resistance/damage: fire, shock, ice, and poison. These are entirely influenced by your equipment.