Purchase premium in-game bonuses with rubies at the country estate.

Guard Edit

The guard costs 15 rubies. When purchased, it increases your defense chance by twenty-five percent. The guard lasts for thirty days upon purchase.

Potion of Regeneration Edit

The potion of regeneration costs thirty rubies. When purchased, your life point regeneration is doubled, and cooldown time after duels is halved. The potion of regeneration lasts for thirty days upon purchase.

Treasure Chest Edit

The treasure chest costs 15 rubies. It reduces your silver losses by 40 percent each time you lose a duel. Upon activation, it lasts for thirty days.

Premium Account Edit

The premium account costs thirty rubies and lasts for thirty days. Your mission points are doubled from one hundred twenty to two hundred forty. In addition, you are provided a notepad and a better travel planner. Upon purchase, you receive two hundred fifty silver and one days wages. It is advertisement-free and you can work for twelve hours, instead of eight.

Brother In Arms Edit

The brother in arms costs fifteen rubies. Upon purchase, your weapon damage and hit chance is increased by 25 percent, and it lasts for thirty days.

Training Dummy Edit

The training dummy lowers the cost to level up your attributes by twenty five percent. It lasts for thirty days and costs fifteen rubies.