The marketplace is where you can spend your silver on equipment, potions and runes, as well as bank some of your silver.

Weapon Merchant Edit

The weapon merchant will sell you weapons (as its name suggests). Merchant offers in different cities will be different numerically according to the city. Merchant stocks refresh everyday, so if you want a weapon, it most likely will not be there the next day, so act accordingly. All of the weapons costs silver, and some cost rubies. The weapons will most likely have different stats. Upon reaching level 7, lances are unlocked in the shop.

Armor Merchant Edit

The armor merchant sells helmets, platebodies, platelegs, boots, and shields. Armor merchants in different cities vary in shop stocks. Armor merchants refresh everyday. Most of the armor have different stats. All of the armor costs silver, and some also costs rubies.

Rune Merchant Edit

The rune merchant sells runes which could be used in the blacksmith. Rune offers are refreshed every day.

Blacksmith Edit

The blacksmith is where you can use runes to enhance your equipment.

Artifact Merchant Edit

At the artifact merchant, you can buy rings which you wield to enhance the stats shown. Rings usually cost both silver and rubies, though some may only cost silver. The artifact merchant is refreshed everyday.

Alchemist Edit

At the alchemist, you can buy 50 hp heal potions for the price indicated or 100% heal potions, which cost 10 rubies.

Auctioneer Edit

The auctioneer will auction off premium equipment (items that cost gems as well as silver), rings, and weapons for half the price in silver. However, other players may also bid for the item. As more bids are shown, the price to make another bid goes up. Amount of items on auction vary according to city. The auction offers are refreshed once per day.

Treasury Edit

Here you can deposit up to 61% of your silver so that it can't be looted by your fellow players. For the incoming silver going into the treasury, part of it is deducted as banker fees. The percent of silver deducted varies according to city.